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A good “Chok” talk is like music to your career.

If we’re all such good listeners, why do so many people walk away from conversations feeling unheard? When you learn to adopt a Negotiator Mindset™, things get a lot clearer for everyone. Susie loves to talk to large groups about her passion for the art of everyday negotiation. She has given TEDx talks, made many corporate presentations, and regularly shares here insights on her podcast, Leaders with Leverage.

"I've attended a lot of seminars on the topic, Susie provided insight and tools that I had not seen before."

Barb Smooth


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While she isn’t all about the limelight, there’s no stage Susie can’t negotiate. From national and regional conferences to symposiums and annual meetings, she has a way of authentically connecting with individuals as if she’s talking directly to them as a trusted friend and advisor.

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Breakout Sessions

With fewer people in the audience, the opportunity to connect at a more personal level actually increases. Breakout sessions are great for encouraging audience participation, engaging in Q&A, or being part of a panel discussion—either as the facilitator or a panelist/content expert.

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Corporate Events

Negotiation isn’t just for executives and company leadership teams. Everyone in your organization will benefit from the insights, experiences, and advice Susie brings to every speaking engagement—customized for your industry, audience, and goals.

Susie Tomenchok a powerful speaker that genuinely knows how to connect with an audience motivate them to start adopting a Negotiator Mindset. Contact us today to secure your dates!

I love when you read a book and you feel like the author wrote the book just for you and this is certainly the case for me with “The Art of Negotiation without Manipulation.” I am guilty of thinking negotiation is something you do on a “need-to-know basis”…negotiating the salary for your new job, when asking for more staff, or wanting to go to a conference. There are many articles, books, and podcasts on negotiation; “The Art of Negotiation without Manipulation” really resonated with me where others have failed. Susie gives you a nugget of information and shares a real-life story to drive home her point. She gives you a framework to practice sharpening your skills. As I read the book, I realized how much negotiation is happening around me at work that I am missing out on and how often I am negotiating with myself by delaying necessary discussions. This is a book I will read over and over again.

Jennifer Bergman


Illuminating!! Susie lays out a powerful organized cookbook of recipes for genuine partnership negotiations at all levels of business and life!! Susie has created an insightful capture of all the invisible tactics, unspoken words, and internal emotions contained within many negotiations both complex and simple. The use of silence as a tool struck me as totally underutilized in the world...

John Schanz

former Chief Network Officer, Comcast Cable

By teaching you how to identify opportunities to negotiate, Susie makes sure you do not miss chances to advocate for yourself. Instead of being a victim of circumstance, Susie provides guidance on how to own your path. This book is a must-read for those looking to incorporate negotiating tactics into their daily interactions to advance their career.

Jennifer Cassidy

Senior Vice President, Student Housing Operations