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I am who I am...

I am a mother, daughter, sister and friend. A licensed mortuary scientist that specializes in managing human capital, resolving pressing issues and making things happen.

For the past 25 years, I have been pushing, pulling and lifting others into their greatness. Growing up as a little girl in Boston, the idea that a child could run a real business was no new news to me. My mother made sure we were kept busy with home candy stores and selling lunches in the park. Creating a simple business plan, presenting to the public and making money as a team, was child’s play for my brothers and I. My mother words” Always have your own” “ create something that can’t be taken away” still rings in my ears.

I have been blessed to parent 5 of the most amazing people on this planet, spent 15 years as a Chief Operations Officer (COO) and 20 years managing teams and individuals.

I have lived a full fruitful life, thank God there is so much more to come. My greatest accomplishment beyond the birth of my children; has been helping my daughter build her business from a small homemade hobby into a international brand!

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