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embrace creating an effortless, unforgettable celebration.

Do you want everything to be perfect on your wedding day?

Not confident you can make that happen?


• Overwhelmed to the max

• Stressed beyond belief

• Budget's too tight

• No time to plan

• Pressured to keep organized


• Hard balancing family wishes

• Concerned about guest count

• Trouble finding reliable vendors

• Worried you will miss small details

• Worried about your wedding day

Trying to solve these problems alone often leads to overspending, increased

stress, family conflicts, unreliable vendors, and last-minute chaos.

When you try tackling on your own...

... it can lead to obstacles: vendor understandings, rushed decisions, and potential burnout from balancing planning with daily responsibilities.

When you are managing a tight budget...

... it can make planning stressful, leading to compromises that don't match your vision.

When your new to this...

... it can be overwhelming without clear guidance. Overlooking crucial details, and meeting preferences require expertise.

I discovered the secret sauce to tackling these challenges....

... The solution to all this pain and suffering leads to a wedding day that exceeds your wildest dreams, and now, the joy is yours to cherish forever.

... And I am on a mission to help others just like you!

traditional methods failed


As a seasoned wedding planner, I've faced the challenges of traditional methods that often left me feeling frustrated and uncertain. I had my fair share of doubts.

Traditional methods failed due to inefficient communicationemails that led to misunderstandings, texts that got lost, and phone calls interrupted by crucial moments, leaving couples and planners alike frustrated and overwhelmed.

But then, in a moment of clarity, I had an ah-ha moment that changed everything. I discovered the power of DIY wedding planning, unlocking a practical, stress-free approach that delivers personalized and unforgettable weddings. Now, I'm thrilled to share these insights and strategies with you, empowering you to create your dream wedding with confidence and joy, at your own pace and with personalized coaching every step of the way.

Consider this your wedding planning success guide...


Planning your own wedding is a journey that strengthens your bond with your partner. Collaborating on decisions, fosters deeper communication and mutual understanding. Working together strengthens your connection, making each planning session a meaningful step towards celebrating your love and commitment on your special day.

Unleashes Your creativity

Designing your own wedding allows you to explore your creativity fully, resulting in a celebration that truly reflects your unique vision and style. It's a deeply fulfilling experience that brings excitement and personal satisfaction as you bring your dream wedding to life.


Get personalized support through expert coaching sessions, and weekly Q&A sessions. Navigate common challenges with guidance to stay confident and on track, empowering you to bring your wedding day vision to life. Access a wealth of resources, templates, and checklists to streamline your planning journey effectively.

Cost Savings

The DIY wedding planning Bootcamp will actually save you money by learning how to effectively avoid costly mistakes that first-time planners often encounter. Gain the skills to make informed financial decisions and stretch your wedding budget further, ensuring every dollar counts towards creating your dream wedding.



wasted time....


wasted money....


wasted effort


DIY Wedding Planning Bootcamp!

The ultimate digital course to confidently and joyfully plan your wedding on your own. Wave goodbye to hiring a wedding planner, feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or confused, and embrace the fun of creating an unforgettable, budget conscious, stress-free wedding!

More Fun & Less Stress

By prioritizing enjoyment while wedding planning. couples can minimize stress while maximizing the joy of creating their dream wedding. This approach ensures each decision contributes to a relaxed and memorable journey.

Money Savings Tips

Offering advice by suggesting DIY projects, and negotiating with vendors for better deals. We will prioritize budgeting based on personal preferences to help plan your dream wedding without overspending

Time Management

Learn how to prioritize tasks, set a realistic timeline, and delegate responsibilities effectively to maintain balance and reduce stress during wedding planning. Dedicating focused time and utilizing organizational tools to stay on task.


Flexibility means you can customize every detail according to your preferences and change your mind as needed. With our guidance, you'll have the freedom to plan at your own pace, ensuring your vision unfolds smoothly.

See how much easier and happier, stress-free and money saving wedding planning becomes

when you join the DIY Wedding Planning Bootcamp,


Introducing our DIY Wedding Planning Bootcamp, with 6 modules and 30 lessons

Guiding you in your planning with assistance from a professional wedding planner.


Introduction to Wedding Planning

Where/When to Start Planning

Understanding the Basics

Establishing Your Vision

Wedding Planning Timeline

The Essence of DIY

Setting a budget and Allocating Funds

Determine Your Overall Budget

Requesting Financial Contributions

How to allocate funds

Tips for saving money

Managing the unexpected

Establishing Your Guest List and Invitations

Determine how many to invite

Navigating Plus-Ones

Managing family dynamics

Invitation Design

Wording etiquette


Venue and Vendor Selection

Choosing the right venue

Selecting the best vendors

Creating a cohesive team

Contract essentials

Negotiation Tips


Ceremony and Reception Planning

Designing the Ceremony

Processional & Recessional

Catering and Menu Selection

Reception layout and design

Creating a Wedding Timeline


Final Preparations & Wedding Day Management

Organization is the key

Confirming vendors

Coordinating the Rehearsal

Day of Coordinator consideration

Tips for staying calm

In this course, you'll learn step-by-step how to plan, organize, and execute your dream wedding with confidence and ease. Plus, I'll host a weekly Q&A session to answer all your questions and provide personalized support.

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DIY Wedding Planning Bootcamp

Plan with Confidence, Stay on Budget, Be Stress-Free, and Have Fun.

Join the DIY Wedding Planning Bootcamp - Get FREE Templates.

Plus these bonuses to help you plan your wedding with ease...



Wedding Planning Checklist

Wedding BudgetTracker

DIY Decor Guide

Emergency Kit Checklist



Vendor Discounts and Deals

National Vendor Recommendations

Stationary code for Minted

Bridesmaids& Groomsman Atire



Top 10 Locations

Best Times to Go

Consultation with a Honeymoon Travel Agent

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I have full confidence that The DIY Wedding Planning Bootcamp will give you everything you need to confidently begin to plan your wedding without being overwhelmed, frustrated or confused and enjoy the process of creating a memorable, and stress-free celebration!

So, here’s why you can place your confidence in our money-back guarantee and set any enrollment worries aside. By the end of 14 days, you’ll have received access to the first 2 modules of The DIY Wedding Planning Bootcamp. Meaning, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to plan your own wedding.

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The transformation in wedding planning turned it from a stressful endeavor into a

joyful journey of personalized, memorable celebrations with help from our planner!

5 Star Review

"Karen was a God send! My husband and I had been trying to plan our wedding for 2 years when we finally decided to get a wedding planner. We went with and she made our special day happen! I highly recommend her to planning advice.

Robyn C

Best Decision

"Karen is motivated, knowledgeable and shares insights from her experience as a wedding/event planner. She was definitely the bride's advocate throughout the day making the wedding day seamless for the me and my entire family."

Brittany M

Amazing Experience

Karen and her team did such an amazing job making our wedding vision come to life! Planning a wedding 7 hours away is not easy but Karen helped every chance she could and relieved SO much stress. Absolutely worth it and could not have had such a gorgeous day without them there through the process!"

Morgan C

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The first 10 people to sign up for the DIY Wedding Planning Bootcamp

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Still not sure if DIY Wedding Planning Bootcamp is right for you? We've got you covered...

Do I need to be engaged to enroll in this program?

Not necessarily, if you are planning to be engaged in the near future, it always helps to get a jump start.

Is the DIY Wedding Planning Bootcamp region-specific?

Absolutely not; you can live anywhere in the world. Classes will be recorded in English and the group coaching calls will all be on Monday’s at 8:30 pm EST

Do I get access to the course all at once and for how long do I have access?

My sole aim with this course is to empower you to confidently plan your wedding without feeling overwhelmed. I understand how daunting it can be to juggle numerous tasks simultaneously, which is why I structured the course differently. Instead of overwhelming you with all the information at once, the course unfolds over six weeks, with each week unveiling a new module. This approach allows you to focus on one topic at a time, giving you ample time to learn, implement, and then seamlessly progress to the next module. Additionally, there will be a weekly Q&A session where you can ask questions and discuss any challenges; these sessions will be recorded for your convenience if you cannot attend live. And if you prefer to proceed at your own pace, rest assured that you'll have access to this course until after your wedding date.

Can we continue working with you to plan our wedding?

Yes, absolutely! You can continue working with me to plan your wedding with personalized one-on-one coaching and ongoing support

Is this course LGBTQ friendly

Yes, this course is LGBTQ-friendly and welcomes couples of all orientations and identities. We celebrate diversity and understand the importance of personalizing your wedding experience to reflect who you are as a couple.

What if I have a question or need some extra help

I am available via email to assist with any questions or challenges you might encounter. Additionally, we will have scheduled Q&A sessions after each downloadable module, where you can get personalized guidance and support.

How do you find Balance Between Vision and Budget?

Finding a balance between your vision and budget will ensure a wedding day that feels authentic and memorable, reflecting your love story without unnecessary financial strain. By exploring cost-effective alternatives and being flexible with choices like venue locations or menu options, you can create a beautiful celebration that aligns with your expectations while staying within your budgetary limits. Embracing creativity and prioritizing what truly matters to you as a couple will not only enhance your celebration but also create lasting memories that you cherish for years to come.

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