(Even if you don’t have a big following or fancy credentials) 

Plug-N-Pitch is filled with training, templates, and trackers to help you take swift + strategic action to get yourself BOOKED as a podcast guest! 


If you're looking to get known as the go-to authority in your space, 

you already know that podcast guesting is an effective strategy.

But *something* has been keeping you from getting on podcasts...



You're Busy. (With a capital B)   

You are either overwhelmed trying a bunch of shiny visibility strategies...or your time as been sucked  up in the behind the scenes of your business. 

You might also realize that you don't have the time, but you're not exactly sure how to delegate this to a VA. 


You've never made 

Podcast Guesting a priority. 

Maybe you've done some interviews, and never got around to booking more. 

Or maybe you haven't done a guest interview yet. 

There is always something that feels more urgent or haven't realized the impact of 

podcast guesting yet. 


You're not sure if you're ready yet. You want to be guesting - but you think everything needs to be perfect, or you need to hit some arbitrary number of followers or sales before you put yourself out there in a bigger way. 

Or maybe you KNOW you're ready - but you're afraid of rejection or sounding spammy.


I get it...

I know so many experts who would be incredible guests 

AND would benefit from being a podcast guest...

But they're not getting booked. 

They’ve either…

Haven't prioritized pitching.


Think they're not *ready* yet.


own your expertise

Your business grows at the speed of your beliefs.  You need to own 

expertise and show up as the 

Go-To Authority! 

Know how to pitch

You need to know what to say in your pitch to grab attention, create connections, and generate 

interest + intrigue. 

do the thing (pitch)

You need to actively do the thing! Write your pitches and send them!  

Imagine if you...

Had dream clients and customers coming to you already being SOLD on you

Were looked at as an authority in your space 

CONFIDENTLY knew exactly what to say to make your pitch stand out in their overflowing inbox and LEAD TO A YES! 

Had a proven system to EASILY grow your audience 

Were seen as an authority INSTANTLY by 
brand-new audiences

Had an ever-growing network that leads to a steady stream of leads and referrals 

The ripple effect of more opportunities landing on your lap! 

Being a podcast guest is a unique opportunity to share your story, message, tips, and strategies to audiences of 100s, 1,000s, 10,000 even 100,000+ ...

​Without having your own audience...

Without being "good on video,"...

​Without writing blog posts...

Without spending hours on social media...

Without preparing a talk and speaking on stages...

Without running paid ads...

If you can get out of your own way, write an effective pitch...

and actually, send it - you will have a repeatable process to 

book yourself on podcasts whenever you want! 

Many experts have some great ideas for how to get this going,
but struggling with actually putting it into action. 

Which podcasts do you pitch? 
What do you say?

How do you follow up?  
When do you follow up? 

What if you know the host?  
What if you don’t know the host? 


I get it, you have #allthequestions...and that’s probably what is keeping you stuck!

I took these questions and more and created the answer...

a whole Plug-n-Pitch System + LIVE Pitchfest valued at over $997....for only $27!

Ready to get booked as a guest on podcasts? 

WHAT's included in plug-n-pitch



  • Prioritize Your Pitches: Most people get this one backwards! 
  • ​The Pitch Breakdown: I walk you step-by-step through the 7 elements of a successful pitch, showing you exactly how to customize your pitch to stand out and get booked! 
  • Create Intrigue and Excitement: The best pitches include these 3 pitch angles. I breakdown the 3 pitch angles you must include, and how to write them so the host is dying to interview you! 

plug-n-pitch TEMPLATES 


  • Two Pitch Formats: Includes two different pitching templates depending on your relationship with the host (or lack there of!) 
  • Four Brand Voices: Each template comes with 4 brand voices so you can pick the one that sounds the most like you. [Bubbly, Bold, Professional, Thoughtful] 
  • PItch Angles: How to write your pitch angles to create intrigue and excitement.  

Pitch management 

tracking system: from research to follow up

  • Putting Your Pitch into ACTION: This system will guide you through the pitching process from the pre-pitch research stage all the way through follow-up. 
  • Track Progress and Results: Keep yourself accountable or keep tabs on your team throughout the pitching process. And see your results at a glance! 
  • Organized System: Avoid the cringe-worthy moment of pitching a podcast you were just on by knowing exactly where you are in the pitching process! When your pitches only live in google docs and email - mistakes like this happen to even the biggest PR firms! (I know because I am on the receiving end of those pitches!) This also gives you are an easy way to access the info, links, and images you will need to submit! 



Selena Soo is a publicity strategist and creator of the Impacting Millions program. She is also one of the few publicists whose pitches actually catch my attention. So - I asked her to share her secret for making a pitch really grab the host's attention. Her tip shocked me! It's brilliant and so simple to implement. I can't wait to share it with you! 


Step-By-Step Get Booked Strategy ($197 Value) 

Plug-N-Pitch Templates Pack ($197 Value)

​Pitch Tracking System ($97 Value) 

Bonus: Follow-up Strategy ($97 Value)

Bonus: Subject Line Strategy ($97 Value)

Bonus: Selena Soo Insider Pitch Tip (Priceless)




"It's essential to do a little homework and learn what value you bring to the podcast host's audience. I've booked 10 out of 10 podcast Interviews so far! 

The ripple effect has led to referrals for clients, opportunities to teach and speak in private online groups, and my email list is growing organically every day. I recommend Plug-N-Pitch to anyone looking for a quick way to build an online reputation as a thought leader in your industry.

- Glenn Allen, HOst of the glenn allen show

"I wanted to grow my authority by being featured in other podcasts. I love the Plug-N-Pitch System strategy. Having the templates makes things much easier.

I booked my first interview within 24 hours of completing the strategy training! 

I appeared on 5 podcasts since learning the system! I have people find my podcast because of my appearance in other podcasts. I know it is just the beginning! I recommend this to anyone looking to get visibility on their work online."

- Juliana Leamen, Host of Confidence from Within

"The answer to what to do is to just do it. Stop the “HALT”; it doesn’t matter the name or the perfect logo. The content is king in podcasts.

I've been able to book 47 podcasts interview since going through the Podcast Guest Plug-N-Pitch System.

Everything happens from being a guest, I am exposed to a larger audience, and they come into my sphere after every appearance—lead GEN at its easiest."

- Beth Nydick, host of Behind the Spotlight

"I know that Jaclyn is the "Go-To-Gal" for all things podcast and she always provides so much value, so it was a no-brainer. I love how the Plug-N-Pitch System was laid out. My biggest ah-ha was that I could use the pitch template to pitch other things too, not just podcasts. I've booked appearances on two podcasts + six trainings. A podcast I applied to offered me a paid training gig instead. Overall, I have made over $5,000 from podcasts or trainings using the Podcast Plug-N-Pitch System."

- emily murnen, wild elm events

"The Plug-N-Pitch System really skyrocketed my visibility by helping me to secure more interviews in less time on several well-known podcasts. I've used it to pitch myself to be a guest on podcasts, but I've also used it to help secure my place on virtual summits, giveaways, and partnerships. 

Podcasting is just one of the avenues that has helped me to share my message with people all around the world. The Plug-N-Pitch System is so easy to use and has helped me to land countless podcast interviews in a very short period of time. I was able to land 13 podcast interviews."

- Lisa Marie Pepe, host of The Resiliency Factor


Is being a guest really that effective? 

Let's say you were at a party, and the host of the party introduced you to a friend as this amazing, accomplished expert who was the go-to authority in your space…

Now... imagine if she announced this to everyone at the party. 


Now... imagine everyone at the party is your ideal client or customer! 

Do you think those people at the party would see you differently than if you just randomly met? 

Of course they would! 


And THIS is precisely what happens when you're a guest on a podcast! 


Unlike *meeting* new people on social media, new listeners are introduced to you through the LENS OF BEING AN AUTHORITY! 


And just by nature of the host bringing you on as a guest, its viewed as them giving you their seal of approval! 


This means that you are not *just* getting in front of new people…


You are getting in front of a targeted audience that will immediately look at you as an AUTHORITY! 

And after taking a walk, folding laundry, or driving around town with you in their ear for 30-60 minutes..they will almost instantly know, love and trust you!

So basically...you have an amazing conversation with a leader in your industry...followed by a flood of new leads reaching out or opting-in...

Sounds like a dream? This.is.podcast.guesting 

Ready to get booked?

BUT why podcasts?

Not all audiences are created equal,
and podcast listeners are the cream of the crop...

plus podcast listeners are valuable to your business

Longer listening = quick connection

80% of Listeners Listen to (Almost) the Entire Episode.

When it comes to engagement, 80% of podcast listeners listen to an entire podcast episode or at least most of it. This is one of the best engagement rates, if not the best, among any consumption medium. *

learners who are ready to invest

Podcast listeners are 45% more likely to have a college degree, and 68% more likely to have a post-graduate degree. They are also much more likely to be HNIs (high net-worth individuals), with them having a 45% more likelihood of having a net household income of over a quarter million dollars, annually

social Media 


Podcast listeners are more active on social media, with 94% being active on at least one social media platform, vs. 81% for the entire population. They are also much more likely to follow their favorite brands on social media.

Hello there, I'm Jaclyn!

I help experts exponentially grow their business by becoming the Go-To Authority in their space. I am a coach, strategist, Keynote speaker, mama, guac lover, and host of the Go-To Gal podcast - a top 60 Marketing podcast on iTunes! 

I've been podcasting for almost 5.5 years - and every day my inbox stacks up with publicists and entrepreneurs pitching themselves to be a guest on my podcast. 

Real talk - most of the pitches are pretty bad. 

Which is why I created the Plug-N-Pitch System (and now this LIVE Pitchfest!) 

I want to help experts actually cut through the noise and capture the attention and interest of podcasters in your space! 

I'm sharing with you the exact strategies i've used
to book my own appearances on TOP-RATED podcasts... 

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