If you want to be the best in mortgage, home buyers must believe in you:

Be a Top-Performing MLO

Who's Also Known by Customers

For Awesome Personalized Attention...

...with 50% fewer voice-to-voice phone calls, back-and-forth texts, 

and unanswered emails 

Loan origination is a commodity. The mortgage broker with the most automation wins.
“closed 40 loans in one month”
As a top producing mortgage broker for over 25 years, I tried all types of marketing. This System helped me create comprehensive follow-up campaigns--from new loan apps to closings. 

My clients need different advice in each stage of the lending process. I could do this automatically without adding extra time to my day. I fine tuned each message with personalization AND great customer service. Easy for clients to give me a green light to proceed! At one point I closed 40 loans in one month.  

Patrick Loo
Delaware Pacific
What’s Included.
one-track mind strategic workflows
Trust and follow up is an art and a science. Too much nudging is annoying, and the buyer tunes you out. Not enough attention, and your buyer has too much time to consult Dr. Google--potentially extending the loan process longer than necessary. The System starts with a strategy maps--one for each follow-up sequence. It's timed with just the right cadence to keep buyers engaged and informed. Seeing each follow-up process step-by-step visually helps you imagine your buyer's journey as they experience your awesome service standards in action. You and your buyer will be of like minds throughout the lending process.
• Home Buyer Workflow Map

• Refi Buyer Workflow Map

• Not Qualified Workflow Map

• Return Your Docs Workflow Map

• Content & Frequency Map

always on my mind content
Even if you had the time (which, face it, you never will), would you know what to write about in your prospect follow up? No worries. We did the heavy lifting for you with 52 pre-written and prospect tested email templates. Professional, yet engaging writing that will set your buyer's mind at ease and help them get to know you personally. The templates are HTML plug-and-play ready to copy into your marketing automation software. Or you can edit them further to represent your company's approach. You get 7 drip marketing campaigns written by an award-winning business writer guaranteed to make your prospect believe they're always on your mind.
Walk Away With:
• 7 Welcome Messages

• 5 Didn't Reach Messages

• 6 Return Your Docs Messages

• 11 Not Qualified Messages

• 3 Pre-Approval Messages

• 18 Nurture Messages that Drip all Year

• 2 "New Customer" Messages

great minds text & voice drop scripts
In real estate, it's location, location, location. To succeed in the commoditized mortgage industry, it's follow up, follow up, follow up. Besides getting pre-written automated email campaigns, you'll also get scripts for automated texts or "faux" voice mails (voice drops) that you'll record in your own voice. These simple, yet compelling, scripts get the response you want. For example, are you waiting on your buyer to return their docs? Send an automated email in the morning, a voice drop in the afternoon and a reminder text the next day if they still haven't responded. All totally "hands free."
• 3 SMS Text Scripts

• 3 Voice Drop Scripts

• Best Time To Call or Text Map

Why is it so hard to carve out time 

for personal follow up?

  • ​Referrals are gold--but asking for them always slips your mind
  • ​Your superpower is helping unqualified first-time buyers get ready to own, but it's a time suck that competes with low-hanging fruit
  • ​You wish you could spend your time building a book of business that focuses on niche buyers, but...squirrels 
  • ​You'd love to prepare each buyer for the ever-changing landscape of rules and regulations, but there are so many fires every day

Accomplish More without Burn Out

This is the everything-but-the-software system that

follows up for you--automatically--at each stage of the loan process so get 50% of your day back. 

When you purchase The Always on My Mind System, the first step is to review the sales workflow maps. They will help you visualize where customers are slipping away or getting bunched up in your process. 

The follow-up campaigns can be implemented at once or staged over time. You'll literally feel your anxiety level drop a notch the first time a customer compliments you on your excellent follow up!

  • The messages SOUND like you wrote them personally.
  • The texts are timed perfectly so are not perceived as spam.
  • Even people who won't answer their phones will listen to your voice drops because you are so passionate about helping them.
Take that first step: Exit the hamster wheel! Your buyers won't be neglected--GUARANTEED!

Order Now, and You'll say, "I wish I'd done this sooner!"









When they believe "You're Always on My Mind," you've earned their trust.

7-Day Thank You & Welcome Campaign (Value $500)

We Keep Missing Each Other Campaign (Value $500)

Still Haven't Received Your Docs Campaign (Value $500)

You're Not Qualified Now, But I Can Help Campaign (Value $1500)

Congrats, You're Approved, Next Step Campaign (Value $750)

12-Month Stay in Touch Campaign (Value $2,500)

Thank You for Being a New Customer Campaign (Value $500)

3 SMS Text-Me-Back with your Info Scripts (Value $375)

3 Voice Drop Scripts for You To Record in Your Voice (Value $375)

Step-by-Step Map of a Buyer Follow-Up Workflow (Value $750) Step by Step Map of a Refi Follow-Up Workflow ($750 value)

Content and Cadence Map ($750 value)

BONUS: Live Chat BOT Flowchart (Value  $750)

BONUS: Branded Email Signature Template (Value $150)

BONUS: Tech Stack Set Up Checklist ($50 value)

BONUS: 30-Day Help Desk Support ($100 value)

Marketing Agency Price = $10,500

Regular System Price = $4250

Today’s Price = $1497
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