How Can Breath Training Help Athletes Perform

At Their Highest Capacity?

Being sleep-deprived, coupled with high levels of stress to perform the best both on and off the field, are common among college athletes.

The quality of the breath mirrors this anxiety and exhaustion. 

Fact: how we breathe is how we experience life.

Stress, big or small, affects the quality of the breath because the breath is intertwined with all systems of the body. It’s how breath patterns turn unhealthy and negatively impact your life and sports performance. And due to our modern lifestyle, most athletes are working with some form of undiagnosed breath dysfunction. 

Obtaining a peaceful and high performing mind is highly challenging when the breath is dysfunctional. To achieve an elite state of mind, you need a breath that is functional, healthy and effortless. 

For both mind and body health, breath training is the answer.

Breath Training Is The Answer!

Breath training involves a triad focus on biochemistry, biomechanics and cadence. Working with all three helps restore the functional movement of the diaphragm - reclaiming its innate intelligence back into your body. When the breath is healthy, the mind becomes clear, calm, and present. Deep intuitive insights are accessible with this elite state of mind. 

Breath training is the foundation for a body and mind that can thrive under stress. A few benefits of breath training include: 

  • Decrease breathlessness

  • Improved sleep quality 

  • Better blood circulation and oxygen delivery to the cells

  • More efficient recovery after workouts

  • Optimization of nervous system 

  • Increased lung volume

  • Spinal stabilization 

  • Improved functional movement 

  • Increase concentration, calmer mind

  • Improved resilience 

As your coach, my aim is to implement tools and techniques into your daily life and athletics that improve stress management, mental clarity, recovery, sleep, and performance.

Discover how you can use breath training to achieve your greatest potential as a thriving athlete!