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Who is kELLEY?

Kelley McNicoll is a Business Coach & Consultant. Her genius zones are branding, marketing, and scaling.

As a brand strategist, she helps business entrepreneurs define their unique market to grow the business of their dreams by supporting and guiding them to connect with the why clarify their foundations and process so they attract more and better clients now, better lead generation while building brand loyalty for consistent growth for longevity in creating your legacy.

Prior to this role, Kelley’s experiences in events, business and property management, industrial steam, and yacht charters industry gives her valuable insight into marketing, management, and the importance of a strong network. She knows how to develop strong brands, unique and innovative marketing strategies, and tailored scaling packages. Kelley is a true business visionary with a unique gift of putting a twist on the traditional. Transforming the ordinary to stand out and apart, create unique brands that influence and set new ways and trends in any industry, and expands the market.



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