There's a difference between owning a private practice...

...and owning a thriving, oozing with Benjamins, glow in the dark, unicorn of a private practice.

-the law of attraction meets private practice-

I help Burnt Out Clinicians Start a six figure Private practice Or hugely beef up the one that they already got!

Without knowing anything about having a cash pay practice, running a business, insurance, marketing, contracting, credentialing, or how to make a client-magnet of a website.

Woman, She/her, Introvert, Coffee Obsessed, Law of Attraction Sponge, Taco Addicted, LMFT, Certified Clini-Coach®...

...The Lazy Therapist.

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A patchy haired hamster on a hamster wheel.

Nine to 10 clients deep, four to five days a week makes you feel like a hamster on a hamster wheel...that also recently got mauled by the family cat.

You didn’t even know you had it in you to snooze 14 times before work every day...but you seem to be nailing that button like a boss.

Exhausted, stressed out, and feeling like the paychecks aren’t representing all that you put into what you do.

Every. Damn. Day.

But your stomach also turns into butterflies, and not the good ones, when you think about starting up a private practice.

Terrifying, drowning with imposter syndrome and feeling like you would f*ck it all up if you tried, are your go-to thoughts.

So when you feel all that...that hamster wheel feeling sort of feels comfortable.

And in the meantime, your client’s aren’t getting the best of you. And maybe your partner, your best friend, your children aren’t getting the best of you either.

Well...mainly because the cat did.

But seriously, your tank is empty and it shows. Feeling so empty that you feel pumped when you get a no-show because you can go get another Starbucks, throw on a Bachelor in Paradise rerun and call your mom, or maybe not your mom because of attachment issues....

Ugh, but then you hear from your other therapist friends about how they are annoyingly killing it in private practice.

And not only do you hear about it, but you get to see it all on social media, where you end up scroll-crying as you reflect on your hamster wheel of burnout and lack of zest.

It feels daunting to even get off of this wheel and to make a change when your energy threw you the deuces and went to the Caribbean. And self doubt and all the “What ifs” are currently running the show.

Let’s just watch Grace and Frankie and not think about any of this.

Freedom can be so f*cking juicy.

Ok so hear me out. Even though your therapist friends can be super annoying with all their success and looking like they have their shit together….take all of that and imagine, just imagine, if that was YOU.

Full on. Feeling like a boss, feeling lighter, feeling like your energy decided to come back, feeling confident…

And also feeling relief as you see your paychecks and bank accounts take a boom! Like REALLY take a boom.

Oh, and what would it feel like to never ask for time off again, to set your own schedule, to get the hourly rate you want and have the office you want?

OMG and to decorate it how you want? Or to work only from home while your cat lies at your feet...nipping at your toes (lil' a**hole)!

That feeling of freedom, isn’t that just so f*cking juicy.

So you can still enjoy that Starbucks and watch Netflix on your no-shows...but it’s going to feel way more epic. It’s going to feel like enjoyment, and not the hourly relief you needed from the hamster wheel before sprouting one more grey hair.

You actually wake up and feel pumped to fill your day with more YOU stuff because you only have five to six clients that day instead of 79.

And you actually have a system in place for all the business stuff and it’s just, fabulously, flowing.

The website you just threw up is also f*cking epic, and was a piece of cake. It’s your client-magnet, catching client’s while you are snoozing and getting an actual nine to 10 hours of sleep instead of the usual six.

Finally, you feel some freedom, and it feels like your private practice is on autopilot. Something you never thought would happen, but it’s here and your chest fills with excitement and pride that you took the leap.

That you epically nailed it WITHOUT knowing even an ounce about business, marketing, insurance, billing, running a business, or where to start.

Have a private practice that takes care of you. Not the other way around.

And one of the best parts, you didn’t feel like a cat (I guess I’m going with a cat theme with this) on way too much catnip in one of those kid’s ball pits throughout this process.

You didn’t get distracted by scrolling social media 167 times because there were too many awesome podcasts, check lists, coaches, books, YouTube videos, and memberships out there.

You hard “noped” out of that one…

...and went for the all in one private practice course (with an epic Infusion of The Law Of Attraction, guided website creation, and tons of copy past templates...just to name a few treasures in this pint of a program).

And because you went for it, it was all neatly tied into a cute little box that you opened weekly, while still getting to do all the life stuff.

Still getting to hang with your family and have taco nights, to still go do that cycling class (or grab takeout and veg for the night). You didn’t have to have another headache, feel like a burden asking your therapist friends what to do, join another facebook group and search through the chat for answers…

...because it was Just for YOU.

No burden vibes, no chaos vibes, no looking for info in every nick and cranny vibes.

Instead you got vibes of momentum, support, clear, fresh, clean, on point, and epic.

So that after diving deep into this cute-but-with-a-sassy-punch course, you have a practice that feels like it’s on autopilot with a client-magnet of a website, just catching you clients and vacuuming in the much adored cash!

And with me as your corny side kick, fist pumping for you and cheering for you. Plus, all of my laziest, but of quality, methods and action steps that lead to my 6 figure practice within my first year, and steered me from more stress eating, wrinkles, and crying in a corner moments.

The best part? I want this for you, just as much as you do. And any nervous stomachs, sweaty palms, self doubt, and “what ifs” are welcome to join the ride...because I. Got. You!

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Let’s do the damn thing.

If you could have a thriving private practice in

a couple of months or a couple of years...

...which one would you pick?

what I do

I get to be your side kick, Certified Clini-Coach®, and copywriting guru who's geeking out on The Law of Attraction, as you join the prosperous pack of mental health clinicians building their empire - their dream private practices.

The Lazy Startup 2.0

Starting a Cash Pay Practice is this easy! Law of Attraction meets private practice. This is THE all in one private practice startup. Infused with The Law of Attraction, cream of the crop resources, secrets that most therapists don't know about take your practice to the next level, and a sh*t ton of help to create your client magnet of a website.

The Lazy Breakup

Are you feeling the relationship you have with insurance companies is dragging you down and you're thinking "It's you, not me." Are you read to finally break up with insurance and see your ideal clients, do your best work, bring in the extra thick cut bacon, and roll around like a happy goat on a sunny day in your dream life, and your dream private practice! It's EASIER than you think and you're going to wish you did this sooner.

The Lazy Revamp

All you wanted was for an expert to look at your entire website and Psychology Today profile, and tell you exactly what to change to bring in 5x more clients and cash...AND effortlessly bring in cash pay clients while you watch reruns of Greys Anatomy.

You Wanted Some Freebies, Right?

Want that checklist that makes your private practice feel like it's on autopilot? Or maybe you want a layout and copywriting walkthrough to your home page, the main page clients are going to land on to see if you are "the one."

they said

"I am forever grateful for how reliable, giving and passionate Amy was throughout the process of starting my new practice, which is beyond busy and feels like it’s on autopilot."

-Alison S

Nicole H.

"Amy was the fire extinguisher to the grease fire of starting my private practice. When things flared: emotions, questions, self doubt, anxiety, and the ever favorite 'imposter syndrome,' she was there. Sharing advice, giving direction, cussing and laughing with me about it along the way. Her wisdom, humor, intellect, and honesty (no BS here) were exactly what I needed to calm the F*@% down before burning the entire thing to the ground out of fear. My practice is now thriving after just a few months, and fire extinguishers have new meaning in my life and in sessions with clients."

meet Amy

"As long as I could still put sh*t in my Amazon Cart and avoid looking at my student loan balance..."

Nine clients a day, one third of a paycheck in hand, and burnout as my new best friend...I was in therapist-ing bliss thinking that this was the bees knees working for another private practice. And as long as I could still put sh*t in my Amazon cart and avoid looking at my student loan balance, I was a content little LMFT, rocking it out in Minnesota.

Until sh*t hit the fan and I had two weeks to decide to work for another practice or actually come to the surface from scrolling Pinterest, and just maybe, MAYBE start my own practice.

One stomach full of turmoil, 7 bathroom trips, and 29 hours of over thinking later...I decided to take the leap into private practice. With Pepto stuffed into my pants pocket.




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