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I already made us matching t-shirts and

got a high-five waiting for you.

Lazy Coaching Sesh's

30 Minute Video

Coaching Session



45 Minute Video

Coaching Session



90 Minute Video

Coaching Session



And just in case video sessions aren't your fav...

Voxer Support (4 weeks)

Get a voice message response directly from me,

Monday - Thursday in the mornings for 4 weeks!

Easy. Peezy. Chicken. Sneezy.



What Lazy Shesh's and Voxer support are for...

  • digging into my brain about anything therapist/business related

  • any self doubts that are holding you back

  • confusion about your career path

  • growing your case load...without social media

  • attracting more cash pay clients

  • attracting more niche clients

  • fears of losing your license

  • saying "Buh Bye!" to Burnt Out Becky

  • being a paperwork ninja

  • wanting to start a private practice...but terrified

  • have a private practice and completely overwhelmed

  • you're in one of my courses and wanting extra support

  • wanting to see if one of my courses is a good fit for you

  • figuring out your niche clients

  • imposter syndrome...glued to you like cat hair

  • wanting the zest back in your career

  • wanting to speak up more in meetings

  • needing a sidekick and cheerleader in your career

  • revamping your private practice

  • questions about starting a cash pay practice or breaking up with insurance

  • revamping your website

What this support isn't...

  • a therapeutic session

  • a case consultation

  • supervision of any sort

  • digging deep into "you" and areas of your life

  • training to be a coach or consultant

just over here...waiting to be your side kick



Email: amyv@thelazytherapist.com

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