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The difference between starting a private practice, and starting a thriving private practice.

I honestly was not even close to being ready to start a private practice...

And this is where I'm supposed to type out my big aha moment that helped me finally say "Enough is enough! I'm going to do the damn thing, and I'm going to nail it!"

BUT I was sort of shoved and thrown into it - with a sh*t ton of self doubt and a strong belief that I was NOT cut out for running a private practice.

TWO WEEKS. That’s all the time I had to decide to work for another practice or to get my private practice ducks in a row...insanely scary ducks.

Those two weeks were ones of stomach turmoil and sh*tting my pants.

I went from “I am never going to have a private practice and not cut out for it” to “Here are my insurance contracts, business documents, new bank accounts, electronic health records, office space and holy hot damn, welcome to Silver Birch Therapy LLC. Open for business baby!”

The best part? I wasn’t alone in the process and there are so many BADASS therapists and resources out there that wanted me to succeed, just as much as I did.

Thank the goddesses.

And I did it, sh*tty pants and all.

That being said, it was a journey of constant back tracking, changing up the resources I was using, feeling like a burden to other therapists, listening to 987 podcasts, downloading 27 checklists, and over paying for business and client paperwork packages...not to mention charging $35.00 a session for clients.

I know.

And because I am the type of person that wants more time for online shopping, for just "one more episode" on Netflix, and for as many road trips as possible...

And because, as a therapist, you are constantly showing up for others and giving that space and care...

I wanted a practice that was basically going to run itself and show up and be there for me.

I wanted a practice that was going to take care of me.

So that I wouldn't feel stressed, overwhelmed, and have even more grey hair.

Which lead me to not only starting this practice up...


...but I discovered how to seriously thrive at it with two secrets most therapists don't know, that helped me hit over six figures within my first year.

And now I get to offer all in one COURSES to help YOU finally set up shop, to finally run your private practice and to get all of the deets, secrets and support so that you thrive at it with 3X the momentum. Yesssss!



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