"A DREAM WITHOUT A PLAN IS JUST A WISH" -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Welcome, Fellow Family Photographer!

I am so happy you are here!

Feeling overwhelmed or frustrated with marketing your family photography business?

I know exactly how you feel. Things have changed and what worked a few years ago, doesn't seem to be working anymore.

Your day might look a little something like this: when you are not editing client images or responding to emails, you know you need to be marketing your business but when you open Instagram, you suddenly feel a lot of unwelcome feelings. Perhaps it is comparison with other photographers who seem to be much busier than you, or sadness that the image you posted yesterday feels glossed over or just plain overwhelm about what the heck you are even supposed to post next.

I remember when these feelings bubbled to the top for me in such an intense way that I did in fact contemplate drop kicking my phone into the woods behind my house and quitting my photography business all together.

I am really glad I didn't do that, though. This business has been one of the greatest gifts in my life. Being able to be creative, be my own boss and set my own schedule is priceless and I don't want to you to give up, either.

The distance between feeling unseen and overlooked to booked and trusted NOT in measured in more instagram followers, better locations or a client closet... it comes down to having a personalized marketing strategy that helps you book out with clients looking for the type of art that makes your creative heart sing.

Getting there is easier than you think!

Over the course of three weeks, we will work together one-on-one to clean up your existing online presence, tie your marketing plan to your goals and create a long-term plan you can repurpose season after season.

One of my favorite quotes when it comes to planing is this: "A dream without a plan is just a wish".

Over the past 10 years, I have found this to be so true. The years I don't plan and stick to that plan, I find myself full of resentful and full of regret after a busy Fall. Planning can feel overwhelming but we will break it down into actionable, personalized steps.

You have goals for your family photography business and I want to help you make a plan to get there.

Foundation of our time together:

  • Identifying your ideal session NOT your ideal client

  • How to inspire those clients with a consistent portfolio and the boundaries you need to put in place to do so

  • How to create meaningful educational content to build trust

  • Create a simple sales strategy to fill your calendar

What family photographers are saying

"Thank you! I loved getting to work with you. You were so organized and concise with easy actionable next steps for my business. You provided clarity and also encouragement that I'm on the right track and why. You were so easy to talk to and had a lot of great resources and tips. Thanks so much! I will absolutely be working with you again in the future!" Ali F

"Oh my goodness that meeting was awesome! Fiona is relatable and truly cares about helping you reach your goals. I am actually surprised how much I learned being that I have been in the photo game for 6 years. I wasn't able to imagine what else I could've been doing to better my marketing. She came to our meeting with so many ideas and points that I am excited to implement asap. I really think this is the best investment in my last two years of my business and I cannot wait to see how I grow this year!" Brittany F.

Also included: Four Step Marketing Online Class

Everything I know in one place. This foundational marketing course covers a Four Step Marketing Strategy, tips on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tikok + more. It covers branding, copy + more

Meet your Mentor, Fiona!

Hi, I am the lady behind Fiona Margo Photography + Fiona Margo Photographer Education. I operate near Seattle Washington and I have been photographing local families since 2011. My style is very relaxed and playful and I have built a successful business doing what I love! When I am not working, I am hanging out with my two daughters, firefighter husband and very fluffy puppy Rooney.

When I first started out, I learned by trial and error (which is still an amazing way to learn) meaning hours and hours of reading, podcasts, scouring Facebook message boards, Googling and YouTubing. While figuring out things on our own is important, there are some things I would love to show you that will help you spend more time building your business and photographing families and less time spinning your wheels with strategies that don't work.

I have taught in-person workshops in Seattle + Bainbridge Island and hosted the Flourish + Fern Family Photographer Workshop in the Fixer Upper barn in Waco, Texas. Over the past few years, I have hosted small group coaching on marketing for family photographers, one-on-one marketing reviews and in-person mentorships. I've been twice featured on the Photo Biz Podcast, Photo Native Podcast, Business_First Creatives + The Art + Soul Show. I also host my own podcast The Family Photographer Marketing Podcast.

I am a huge fan of women being able to create the business of their dreams and have come up with strategies that have really helped me save time, set up boundaries (with my clients and my family) and focus on the type of work I love.

Cannot wait to get to know more about your business!

Mentorship will be broken into Three Weeks:


We will meet at the studio on Bainbridge Island with some coffee, tea and yummy snacks OR on zoom and dig into marketing planning! We will figure out how much you want to make, how many sessions you want to shoot and how to incorporate habits into your day to make sure you spend your marketing hours working efficiently instead of endlessly scrolling.


This week is about starting to implement our plan. I'll be available for 45 minutes of Voxer (a walkie talkie app) support to answer any questions you run into or extra support you need.

I am truly an open book and there is nothing you cannot ask. There will be time for personalized questions. Over the past years, I have been through pretty much everything. Including starting my business during our last recession so I know how to market in uncertain times.


This final session can take place back at the Studio or on Zoom. We will take your goals and ideal session schedule and form a long-term marketing plan that you can repurpose season after season.

Marketing Planner Included:



Includes all three sessions.

The studio is walking distance from the Seattle-Bainbridge Ferry and there is also plenty of off-site parking if you choose the in-person option. Zoom + In-Person cost the same.