This in-person camp is a 90-minute intensive that teaches why the breath is a significant health influencer, how it can be the swiftest way to improve mental stability, and why training the breath is an essential discipline for becoming a well-rounded athlete.

"Joe is amazing and his programs eases you into the habit of meditation so smoothly you hardly know what's happening until one day you discover you can't live without it." Sarah Lupis

During the Breath Training Boot Camp you will learn:

  • Time-tested breath techniques that create inner clarity, focus, and calm
  • Confidence through direct experience
  • Skills for finding the zone
  • Specific routines for long-term practice
  • Self-motivation through SMARTER goal setting
  • How to create a plan to continue training beyond the camp

Participants will leave inspired and ready to engage in a regular breath training practice that will benefit their sports performance.

Contact Coach Joe for more information.